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The Electron Microscopy Service (EMS) is a pay per use service that provides access to state-of-the-art instrumentation. All instrumentation and services in EMS have a minimum 1-hour charge, subsequent use is charged in 30-minute increments. Users must be registered with the RRC and have a valid RRC Account Number before any work can be carried out.

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New Users who have no prior electron microscopy experience must take the full training course for the instrument type they need to use (SEM or TEM – 10 hours at a special rate). New Users who have significant experience from elsewhere can ask for conversion training, which typically will take a minimum of three hours at the assisted use rate. For all other instruments you will be charged the assisted rate for training.  All new Users will be given copies of the EMS User documentation for the instrument they are being trained on. Users are expected to read the documentation and retain it for future reference. Basic Training needs to be completed in one month, beginning from the start date. If you do not complete the training in one month, or if you need further training above the 10 hours, these sessions will be charged at the assisted rate.

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Publications which result from research that made use of EMS instruments should include the following acknowledgment:

“This work made use of instruments in the Electron Microscopy Core of UIC’s Research Resources Center.”

Publication data is one way of measuring the performance of the EMS. If you publish any data acquired on EMS instruments please notify at so that I can add it to our publications list.

Note: Food and Drink are not allowed in any EMS laboratory at any time. 

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a) EMS assumes no or little prior microscopy experience. Training (10 hours) takes place on JEM-1220 (life science TEM), JEM-3010 (materials science TEM) or Hitachi S-3000N (SEM) only. Courses are different for SEM and life science/ materials science TEM. Users can change from one instrument to another in each type but will have to have additional conversion training.Basic Training needs to be completed in one month, beginning from the start date.EMS staff will decide how much training is necessary to protect the instrumentation.

b) For unassisted use of more than 60 hours by a single PI, in a monthly billing cycle, a reduction will be made to the charged rates for use of aberration-corrected STEMs. The reduced rates will be $54.00 (UIC), $83.70 (Academic) and $238.20 (Commercial). There will be no reductions for assisted use.

c) Training for XPS will be done at the assisted rate and takes 4-6 hours, for the Raman it takes 1-2 hours.