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Publications that result from research that made use of EMS instruments should include the following acknowledgment:

“This work made use of instruments in the Electron Microscopy Core of the University of Illinois Chicago Research Resources Center.”

Publication data is one way of measuring the performance of the EMS. If you publish any data acquired on EMS instruments please notify us so that we can add it to our publications list.

Recent Publications Heading link

  • “Anomalously enhanced ion transport and uptake in functionalized angstrom- scale two- dimensional channels,” Mingzhan, Wang PNAS, January 2, 2024, 121 (2) e2313616121,
  • “Periplasmic biomineralization for semi-artificial photosynthesis,” Lin et al., Sci. Adv. 9, eadg5858 (2023)
  • “A soil-inspired dynamically responsive chemical system for microbial modulation,” Yiliang Lin et al., Nature Chemistry, Volume 15, January 2023, 119–128
  • “Titaniumoxide-based1Dnanofilaments,2D sheets, and mesoporous particles: Synthesis, characterization, and ion intercalation,” Badr et al., Matter 6,3538–3554
  • “Enabling selective zinc-ion intercalation by a eutectic electrolyte for practical anodeless zinc batteries,” Chang Li, et al., Nature Communications, (2023) 14:3067
  • “Direct synthesis and chemical vapor deposition of 2D carbide and nitride MXenes,” Di Wang et al., Science 379,1242-1247(2023).DOI:10.1126/science.add9204
  • “Strain-Driven Surface Reactivity in Magnesium-Ion Battery Cathodes,” J.J. Kim,  K.C. Bilash, H. Park, A. Sundar, G. Evmenenko, D.B. Buchholz, J.L. Guo, B.J. Ingram, P. Zapol, R.F. Klie, and T.T. Fister,  Chemistry of Materials, 36(3), 1342-1351 (2024)
  • “Polymorphism in the Ruddlesden–Popper Nickelate La3Ni2O7: Discovery of a Hidden Phase with Distinctive Layer Stacking, X. Chen, J. Zhang, A.S. Thind, S. Sharma, H. LaBollita, G. Peterson, H. Zheng, D.P. Phelan, A.S. Botana, R.F. Klie, and J.F. Mitchell, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 146(6), 3640-3645 (2024)
  • “Direct synthesis and chemical vapor deposition of 2D carbide and nitride MXenes,” Wang, D., C. Zhou, A.S. Filatov, W. Cho, F. Lagunas, M. Wang, S. Vaikuntanathan, C. Liu, R.F. Klie, and D.V. Talapin, Science, 379(6638), 1242-1247  (2023) – Cover
  • “Hybrid organic–inorganic two-dimensional metal carbide MXenes with amido- and imido-terminated surfaces,” C. Zhou, C., D. Wang, F. Lagunas, B. Atterberry, M. Lei, H. Hu, Z. Zhou, A.S. Filatov, D.-E. Jiang, A.J. Rossini, R.F. Klie, and D.V. Talapin, Nature Chemistry (2023)
  • “Cation defect engineering of core-shell spinels nanoelectrocatalyst for enhanced oxygen evolution reaction,” P. Wang,  P. Kannan, L. Lu, K. Kumar, C. Pan, J.L. Guo, R.F. Klie, and J. Cabana,. Applied Physics Letters, 123(21) (2023)
  • “Enabling selective zinc-ion intercalation by a eutectic electrolyte for practical anodeless zinc batteries,” C. Li, R. Kingsbury, A.S. Thind, A. Shyamsunder, T.T. Fister, R.F. Klie, K.A. Persson, and L.F. Nazar, Nature Communications 14(1) (2023)
  • “Structural Transformations at the Atomic Scale in Spinel Vanadium Oxides upon Mg2+ Extraction,” Lagunas, F., G. Alexander, A.L. Punaro, C. Moscosa, L.H. Hu, J. Cabana, and R.F. Klie, ACS Applied Energy Materials, 6(11), 5681-5689 (2023)
  • “Electrolyte Reactivity on the MgV2O4 Cathode Surface,” H. Jeong, D.T. Nguyen, Y.J. Yang, D.B. Buchholz, G. Evmenenko, J.H. Guo, F.P. Yang, P.C. Redfern, J.Z. Hu, K.T. Mueller, R. Klie, V. Murugesan, J. Connell, V. Prabhakaran, and L. Cheng, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 15(41),  48072-48084 (2023)
  • “Effect of Antisolvent Additives in Aqueous Zinc Sulfate Electrolytes for Zinc Metal Anodes: The Case of Acetonitrile,” S. Ilic, M.J. Counihan, S.N. Lavan, Y.J. Yang, Y.K. Jiang, D. Dhakal, J. Mars, E.N. Antonio, L.K. Iglesias, T.T. Fister, Y. Zhang, E.J. Maginn, M.F. Toney, R.F. Klie, J.G. Connell, and S. Tepavcevic,. ACS Energy Letters, 9(1), 201-208 (2023)
  • “Nanoceria Aggregate Formulation Promotes Buffer Stability, Cell Clustering, and Reduction of Adherent Biofilm in Streptococcus mutans,” K. Ellepola, L. Bhatt, L. Chen, C. Han, F. Jahanbazi, R.F. Klie, F.L. Vargas, Y.B. Mao, K. Novakovsky, B. Sapkota, and R.P. Pesavento,  ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 9(8), 4686-4697 (2023)
  • “Titanium oxide-based 1D nanofilaments, 2D sheets, and mesoporous particles: Synthesis, characterization, and ion intercalation,” H.O. Badr, J. Cope, T. Kono, T. Torita, F. Lagunas, E. Castiel, R.F. Klie, and M.W. Barsoum,  Matter, 6(10) (2023)
  • “On the structure of one-dimensional TiO2 lepidocrocite,” H.O. Badr, F. Lagunas, D.E. Autrey, J. Cope, T. Kono, T. Torita, R.F. Klie, Y.-J. Hu, and M.W. Barsoum, Matter, 6, 1-14 (2023) – Cover
  • “Solid state reduction of nickelate thin films,” W.Z. Wei, K. Shin, H.W. Hong, Y. Shin, A.S. Thind, Y.J. Yang, R.F. Klie, F.J. Walker, and C.H. Ahn, Physical Review Materials, 7, 013802, (2023)
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  • “Electro-optical characterization of arsenic-doped CdSeTe and CdTe solar cell absorbers doped in-situ during close space sublimation,” A. Danielson, C. Reich, R. Pandey, A. Munshi, A. Onno, W. Weigand, D. Kuciauskas, S.M. Li, A. Bothwell, J.L. Guo, M. Murugeson, J.S. McCloy, R. Klie, Z.C. Holman, and W. Sampath, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 251, 112110 (2023)
  • “Parabolic Potential Surfaces Localize Charge Carriers in Nonblinking Long-Lifetime “Giant” Colloidal Quantum Dots,” Palmai, M., J.S. Beckwith, N.T. Emerson, T. Zhao, E.B. Kim, S.H. Yin, P. Parajuli, K. Tomczak, K. Wang, B. Sapkota, M. Tien, N. Jiang, R.F. Klie, H.W. Yang, and P.T. Snee, Nano Letters, 22(23), 9470-9476  (2022)
  • “Intercalation of Ca into a Highly Defective Manganese Oxide at Room Temperature,” B.J. Kwon, L. Yin, C.J. Bartel, K. Kumar, P. Parajuli, J. Gim, S. Kim, Y.A. Wu, R.F. Klie, S.H. Lapidus, B. Key, G. Ceder, and J. Cabana, Chemistry of Materials (2022)
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  • “V2O5 as Magnesium Intercalation Cathode,” R.Trocoli, P. Parajuli, C. Frontera, A.P. Black, G.C.B. Alexander, I. Roy, M.E. Arroyo-de Dompablo, R.F. Klie, J. Cabana, and M.R. Palacin. ACS Applied Energy Materials (2022)
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